5 BEST 28 INCH TV- Reviews In 2021

The Vizio D24f-G1 24-inch model is the finest choice if you’re looking for a small-format TV for your dorm, apartment, or bedroom. This device has smart capability, which allows you to download your favorite streaming apps and stay up with all of your favorite shows and movies. All of your apps are in one spot for quicker browsing with the SmartCast hub menu. Vudu, Netflix, Prime Video, Kumo, Hulu, and iHeartRadio all have fast access buttons on the provided remote.

The TV has built-in Chromecast and AirPlay 2 connectivity, allowing you to stream instantly from your smartphone or tablet. For hands-free voice instructions, connect your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices. This TV comes with Vizio’s WatchFree app, which is powered by PlutoTV and provides access to over 150 free live and original content channels for additional streaming possibilities. You’ll never miss a detail or a beat of action thanks to the full array LED display, which provides a clean and crisp 1080p HD picture.

10 Best 28-Inch Televisions - 2022 Updated

Do you want to choose the greatest TV for your living room or bedroom? Are you tired of the tens of thousands of televisions on the market? Are you having trouble deciding on the best TV for your home?

Finally, you’ve arrived at the appropriate location to choose the perfect TV for your home. Here you’ll find the best smart TVs for 24-28 inches that don’t skimp on quality. Who wouldn’t want to invest in 4K super pixel televisions?

If you have a small living room, however, the 1080P WITH 28-inch TV is the ideal option. It’s easier to install without mucking up or disrupting the home environment because it doesn’t take up much room.

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest TV options to make your shopping experience easier. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Rank #1: LG Electronics 28LV570M LED HDTV

The LG 28MT49S-PZ model is a strong candidate to become the best 28-inch TV at the moment. This is among other things because we talk about a dual product that we can use as both a television and a computer monitor.

In this TV function, we will enjoy the usual image quality of LG panels, with a technology that does not even lack the Smart TV functionality.

This is a beneficial function to enjoy all kinds of content on the network and play multimedia files from your local network without complications.

Coming from what is, for many, the best brand of 28-inch TVs of the moment, let’s know some more information about this product.


  • Dual-use: This TV can be used as both a conventional TV and a computer monitor.
  • Smart TV: It is one of the few 28-inch Smart TVs on the market, so you can move comfortably through the network from the TV.
  • Image modes: Includes different image modes prepared to watch movies or enjoy with your favorite games.
  • Speakers: The product includes two speakers of 5 watts of power each, with good quality stereo sound.
  • Flicker Safe: Flicker Safe technology eliminates flickering during product use, thus taking better care of your eyesight.


  • Slow: As with other models of this manufacturer, navigation through menus and different product options is somewhat slower than desirable.

Rank #2: Jensen JE2815 28" LED AC TV

The Jensen JE2815 28″ LED AC TV  is another unique product within the 28-inch segment. This specific model maintains an HD Ready resolution, with which to see the image at an adequate quality, which also helps a digital noise reduction system, a right level of brightness, as well as a 1,200 to 1 contrast. These parameters can adjust using the product options, which also include control temperature control options, among others.

The product is finished off with details such as the HDMI port, in which to save and reproduce your favorite content, or a simple approach, which makes it easy to use for those who do not feel like complicating life in this regard. As for its appearance, the TV has two side legs, which do not hinder installation; however, small the space.

Cover your television needs in small spaces with this efficient Nevir model.


Settings: You can adjust the image quality to adapt it to your favorite parameters.

Sound: The sound quality is also adequate, standing out from other market models.

Interface: The interface makes it very easy to control and access the different functions of the device.


Resolution: The resolution is only HD Ready, somewhat smaller than the Full HD offered by other equipment.

Connections: The connection panel is somewhat limited in terms of variety and quantity.

Rank #3: Free Signal TV

Although it has long since ceased to be on the front lines, the Free Signal TV shows us why this manufacturer is still among us. This 28-inch TV offers an adequate quality image within the usual HD Ready resolution of these models.

It also offers improved sound, 40 watts in total, with the 2-channel system of these products. This is a design that ends with details such as the USB recorder port, where we can also see all kinds of content without any complications.

This is a product that has a beautiful white finish on the outside, to give a different touch to any room.

Let’s see some more detail of this model manufactured by a company already classic in the sector, such as Grundig.


Improved sound: For you to listen better to your movies and shows, this model is compatible with the SRS Trusurround HD system, with a total output of 40 watts.

USB recorder: The product has a USB recorder, in which you can also play almost any type of multimedia content.

Color: Compared to conventional black televisions, this model has a beautiful white color that gives a different image to the product.


Support: The support follows the big trend of other models, taking up more space on the table surface than it should.

Power supply: The model has an external power supply, whose design and presentation are not the most elegant, according to users.

Rank #4: 28” LED HDTV by Continu.us

Finding cheap and quality 28-inch televisions is easy, as the TELEFUNKEN 28DTH40 model shows us. This is a product of a well-known brand that offers us an adequate image quality and details of superior products.

Among them, we have the Smart TV system included, with which it is easy to look at our favorite streaming platform or access files from our local network. It also improves the sound, both with the use of the built-in equalizer and its 2 x 6 watts RMS power output. And if this were not enough, the model has a compact base design in base format, which facilitates its assembly.

So, seeing so many functions linked to an adjusted price, it is not uncommon for this to be the best price-quality television we have selected and a good part of the users.

Let’s see more details of this TV, which stands out firmly among the cheapest proposals of our selection.


Smart TV: Despite being an inexpensive TV, this model includes Smart TV functions and access to local files through Miracast.

Sound: This TV has a 2-channel, 6-watt RMS surround sound output for each of them, offering more than remarkable quality.

Base: The support base is centered on the product and has an adjusted size, thus facilitating its placement.


Aspect: The appearance may be somewhat coarser than other models we have seen, primarily because of the thickness of the frame.

Contrast: The contrast level of the product is 1,000: 1, somewhat adjusted, even being a small model.

Rank #5: LG 28LM430B-PU 28" Class HD LED TV

The manufacturer LG presents one of the models that is usually positioned among the top positions of the preferences of users concerning mid-range televisions. This 28-inch LED flat panel device has been developed by LG to output HD images, with sharpness and color detail.

Its design is light, with a broad black frame and the company logo in the central part. Besides, to ensure its stability on the surfaces, it is equipped with a double support base in each of the corners of the equipment.

Due to its wide viewing angle, it is suitable for use as a monitor or as a TV. Within its specifications, it has been equipped with stereo speakers and several modes to improve the display according to the content, such as music, cinema, or game.

A versatile alternative at an affordable price is an option that should not be missed. Learn more about this model.


Design: It has an elegant design, with a black frame, being also light.

Connectivity: To connect other equipment, it has a USB and an HDMI port.

Resolution: It is equipped with an LED display and is capable of playing high definition content.

Angle: It has a wide viewing angle to see the images with quality, both standing and sitting.


Performance: This is a mid-range model that lacks advanced attributes such as WiFi and 4K.

SuperSonic LED Widescreen HDTV

Add the SuperSonic LED HDTV to your shopping list if you’re seeking for a budget-friendly TV with premium features and functions. This smart TV is equipped with USB and HDMI connectivity.

Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and more channels and apps are available on the smart TV. The SuperSonic TV’s jazzy design makes it simple to place on a table or a wall. This ultra-cool and ultra-compact SuperSonic TV is an excellent addition to any living space.

Furthermore, the TV’s small size makes it ideal for any space, including the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. SuperSonic allows you to watch your favorite shows from any location.

SuperSonic SC-2411H LED HDTV

This tabletop HDTV has three different connectivity options, including VGA, USB, and HDMI. The TV’s high-definition motion picture and rich colors brighten the image and improve its clarity.

You may utilize Firestick or browse via the HDMI, AC, and USB ports, which are all pleasant and convenient. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and applications, including social media, are all available on the TV.

A remote control is included with the SuperSonic SC-2411H TV. The ultra-classic TV style is the perfect complement to any living space or bedroom. In addition, the rich contrast levels and colors ensure a fantastic movie experience.

SuperSonic LED Widescreen HDTV

Sceptre is a slim profile 24-inch TV with a fashionable design, slender appearance, and durable material to increase its longevity. Blurred motion visuals are avoided because to the outstanding refresh rate of 75 Hz.

Buffering and stuttering are avoided thanks to adaptive sync technology. The built-in DVD players, on the other hand, are a fantastic addition to this smart TV.

The Sceptre HDTV looks great in any part of the house, including the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Furthermore, this smart TV may be easily mounted on a wall or table.

VIZIO Smart TV With Built-In Chromecast & Apple Airplay

With wireless, USB, Ethernet, and HDMI connections, it’s one of the greatest HDTVs on the market. Netflix, Peacock, Redbox, Hulu, Apple TV, YouTube TV, IHeartRadio, Disney+, and a slew of other apps and services are supported by the TV, including Netflix, Peacock, Redbox, Hulu, Apple TV, YouTube TV, IHeartRadio, Disney+, and a slew of others.

It’s the ideal option for 40-inch and other large-screen televisions. High sound quality is ensured by the subwoofers and amplifiers. Also, even if you use soundbars, the TV adjusts the sound automatically.

Another great feature of the TV is that it can be controlled by voice. Control the TV with Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Kit. This is the ideal pick if you want a stylish and super-smart integrated TV.

28-Inch Continuus Wall Mount HDTV

This Continuus wall mount has a sophisticated design that works well in both small and large living areas. High-definition motion pictures are made possible by LED display technology.

Deep contrast levels, brilliant colors, and great brightness are all features of the 60 Hz wall mount TV. Colors and motion pictures are stunning on the TV. The television is small and light. As a result, it can be used in a variety of settings, including living rooms and kitchens.

Frequently Asked Questions - BEST 28 INCH TV

How can I pick a fantastic smart TV?

Before purchasing a smart TV, think about the price range, sound quality, warranty, TV resolution, size, and other sophisticated features. Taking these aspects into account simplifies the purchasing process and helps you find the finest TV for your needs.

Is a smart TV with a screen size of 28 inches considered small?

The 28-inch smart TV is neither too big nor too little for your living room or bedroom. It’s ideal for homes with little space. A 24-inch TV is an excellent alternative if you want to buy a smaller TV.

Is a 24-28-inch television suitable for gaming?

A 28-inch TV is a good gaming option and the finest replacement for a computer display. However, if you want to simulate genuine gaming, opt for a 40-inch HDTV or a 4K TV. 40-inch TVs provide the finest gaming experience due to their enormous size.

What are the measurements of a 28-inch smart television?

The following are the dimensions of a 28-inch TV in inches:

13.7 inches in height
24.3 inches in width
In centimeters, the dimensions of a 28-inch TV are:

34.8 cm in height
64.7 cm in width

What should the distance between the television and the viewer be?

The 28-inch smart TV is a great option for those with limited space. The recommended distance between the television and the viewer is 1 to 1.5 meters, but not more than 1.5 meters.

What is the best place to buy a Smart TV?

You have the option of purchasing the television either online or offline. To avoid online scams, buy smart TV from reputable retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. However, to make your shopping experience easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best TVs based on consumer evaluations and extensive research.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Smart TV:

Before purchasing any goods, there are a few features to examine that determine the product’s quality. Consider variables and attributes of TVs such as size, screen resolution, colors, refresh rate, streaming connections, TV type, and more in this scenario.

Tv Dimensions

The size of the television is given precedence above its performance. After you’ve settled on a TV size, you’ll most likely consider performance before purchasing the greatest one. Isn’t that so? However, how do you choose the size of the television?

Simple. It depends on the size of the room and how many family members are watching television at the same time. Consider purchasing a large-screen TV in the 40-65 inch range if you have a large family and large rooms. In the meanwhile, if you have a tiny room, a 24-28-inch television is a good choice.

Resolution of the Display (4k, 8k, Or Hd) For Clarity, the quantity of pixels is connected to the resolution. The larger the pixel count, the better the image quality. A higher resolution image is usually preferable. If you’re concerned about cost, though, high-resolution TVs are more expensive.

1080p televisions are affordable and deliver crisp images. Smart TVs with 4K or 8K pixels have much more clarity. You may easily text while seeing the little creatures.

For the majority of colors, HDR is a good option.
Although this function isn’t suitable for 1080p TVs, it is suitable for 4K TVs. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which displays greater color, contrast, and brightness. It’s only available as an upgrade for 4K TVs.

For higher brightness, colors, and contrast levels, choose the Dolby Vision HDR package. The HDR TV creates an image that is perfectly clear and interesting. You have the impression that you are watching movies or videos in a theater.

For a better motion picture experience, increase the refresh rate.
The refresh rate is usually represented in Hertz. The number of times a picture or image on the screen is refreshed is referred to as the refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate, the clearer the image. A refresh rate of less than 60 Hz usually results in a choppy and unclear image.

When it comes to words like “effective refresh rate,” which is half of the real rate, be cautious. The effective refresh rate of a 120 Hz television, for example, is 60 Hz. The term “Effective Refresh Rate” is used by certain buyers to deceive clients. Choose a TV with a refresh rate greater than 60 Hz or 120 Hz.

TV types include LCD, LED LCD, QLED, OLED, and plasma.

LCD, LED LCD, QLED, and OLED are some of the different types of televisions available. The majority of LED LCD TVs are available on the market. OLED TVs, on the other hand, provide a superior motion image experience than LCD or LED LCD TVs.

Another emerging technology is QLED, which is used by Samsung, Vizio, and TCL. The QLED is similar to the OLED and is more cheap. The QLED TVs are an excellent choice if you want a high-performance TV with crystal-clear images at a reasonable price.

Wi-Fi built-in and other smart features

Choose a TV with more intelligent features, such as a hassle-free internet connection, a wide range of streaming alternatives (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and others), downloading possibilities, gaming capabilities, social media integration, and so on.

Audio Preferences

Do you realize that even the most costly and high-quality televisions have lousy sound? The tiny and slim TV, as well as its panel architecture, are to blame. You can choose one of these options to solve this problem.

Wearing headphones is a nice concept, but it makes you antisocial.
Using a sound system causes disruption and is time consuming to set up.
Use a soundbar—the most convenient and cost-effective option.
The soundbar, however, is the finest option for implementing superb sound out of these three possibilities. The soundbar costs less than $300, delivers spectacular sound, and is simple to set up. Don’t forget to install a soundbar if you want to have a cinematic movie experience.

These are a few things to think about before purchasing a smart TV. Know what you want and how much you can spend. Then, compare the features, quality, and sound of the product. Finally, choose a television that corresponds to your hobbies and tastes.

How To Choose The Best Smart TV [Expert’s Choice]

Here’s a comprehensive TV buying guide to assist you in selecting the best TV for your needs. You don’t want to read the whole thing? Here are a few basic pointers to think about when purchasing a television.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly TV, avoid 8K TVs because they’re extremely expensive.

Purchase televisions that have a refresh rate of at least 60 Hz. In most cases, 60 Hz is sufficient. A 120 Hz refresh rate TV, on the other hand, ensures smooth motion pictures. You’ll have an irritating and unsatisfactory motion picture experience if your TV’s refresh rate is less than 60 Hz.

Purchase a television with good contrast and color.

OLED TVs outperform all other televisions on the market. The QLED TVs, on the other hand, are reasonably priced. So, depending on your choices, go with OLED or QLED TVs.

Choose a TV that is 24-28 inches in size if your rooms are small. These televisions are a perfect fit for the living rooms.

These are a few things to think about when purchasing a television. However, here’s a step-by-step guide to selecting the best TV for your needs.

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