[2022 Reviews] Top 5 Best 24 Inch TV For Gaming

Choosing a monitor/display is more complicated than you might imagine. At first look, everything appears to be the same, but gamers, in particular, should evaluate a variety of aspects. Today, we’ll look at displays in depth, including how they operate, the variations between them, how this affects gaming, and, of course, a review of The TOP 8 best gaming TVs available.

Displays have gone a long way in recent years. At this point, it may appear that any display is equal, with the only major differences being size and possibly smart TV features. This is an easy thought to have as you go around Best Buy or Wal Mart’s TV/display area, observing all of the samey-looking flat panels. To be honest, you can tell that the personnel set the less expensive ones with less-than-ideal settings to make their photos look worse. If you’ve spent any time gazing at a screen in the last 20 years, you’ll be able to tell.

This is going to be a highly informative and, in some cases, shocking guide. Let’s begin with a quick history of display technologies, because in order to truly appreciate the technology and how far it’s progressed, we must first understand where we’ve come from and the challenges we’ve faced to get here.

We have the most compact model of the 24-inch TV  for gaming today in the market. 

These product is designed for specific uses in small rooms and it has compact size  that can be found at very affordable prices.  

It is not very expensive to set the 24 inch TV wherever you want of your home for gaming purposes.

Anyway, it never hurts you to see derails of each television offers so that your purchase might be happier. 

The models we present regarding the best 24-inch TVs for gaming of 2020 can make you easier to determine which is the television with which to meet your needs.

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5 Best 24 Inch TV For Gaming – 2021 In Reviews

Serious gamers engage in one of two modes of play. PC gamers typically sit at a desk with their keyboard and mouse, staring at a display that is only a foot or two away and measures between 20 and 30 inches in size. Console gamers, on the other hand, are more likely to sit on a couch with a gamepad and headset, staring at a television that is six feet away or more. Because of the higher distance, a larger screen is required, which means monitors will not suffice. For gaming, you’ll need a nice television. Ideally, this means investing in a good television, but there are other factors to consider as well.

We evaluate televisions based on a number of variables. The director (or game creator) intended for everything to look as bright, dark, vibrant, and accurate as possible, therefore we put a lot of emphasis on visual quality, assessing contrast and colors. We also assess how easy it is to operate the television, taking into account factors such as remote ergonomics and interface design. All of these things are great for watching your favorite movie or TV show, but when it comes to gaming, you must also consider input lag.

The Samsung UN24H4000 LED TV  is an interesting LED model with which to enjoy a quality image in the usual HD Ready format. 

It is a device with a dual-use mode and you can use it as a television and as a computer monitor as you prefer. 

This TV also has a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees and it will be easy to see everything clearer no matter where you are.

This product incorporates interesting news such as sport mode, with which you can divide the screen into 9 spaces. 

These novelties are combined with other classic elements, such as the USB player port for your multimedia content. 

The model also includes the support to hang it on the wall, as part of the base itself. 

So with so much to offer you and it is not strange that we talk about the best 24-inch tv for gaming at the moment.

Let’s find out more about this model which could well be the best 24-inch TV for gaming on the market today.

Samsung UN24H4000 LED TV


Viewing angle:

This model has a viewing angle of 178 degrees, so you can see everything clearer.


The product can be used as both an LED TV and a computer monitor.

USB port:

The product includes the USB port with which to easily play any multimedia content.

Sport mode:

Sport mode allows you to divide the screen into 9 spaces and zoom on any of them.


The included support can also be used to mount the product on the wall.


The TV has two HDMI inputs, USB port, and other elements to give you the connections you may need.


  • Recorder:

Although the USB port plays content, it is not useful for recording, as with other similar models.

VIZIO D-Series 24”mSmart TV

The VIZIO D-Series 24”mSmart TV model is another of the products that deserve our consideration. 

This 24-inch TV has an HD Ready resolution, in line with most models on the market.

 This product can be used both in the TV mode and in the monitor mode, for which the product has the corresponding connections, thus giving you greater versatility of use.

A quality product that does not lack details such as the USB recorder port, where to store and load your favorite multimedia content and watch it comfortably, or the modern DVB T2 tuner, necessary to avoid the next DTT blackout. 

It is finished off with a monitor type design, with a compact central base and that does not require too much space to place the product where it is necessary.

Even without being of a well-known brand, this model does not have much to envy the big ones, as our analysis shows.

VIZIO D-Series 24”mSmart TV



You can use it as a conventional TV or as a computer monitor, as you prefer.


It has a DVB T2 decoder, necessary for the next update of the DTT signal.

USB recorder:

The USB recorder allows you to save your favorite programs and watch them whenever you want.


Sound quality:

The sound quality is somewhat improved, although it is in line with other similar models.


Instructions in Spanish are not included, although for their simplicity they are not necessary either.

Philips 24" LED-LCD TV

 In front of the black and square design LED TV that we are used to seeing, the Philips 24PFL3603/F7 model is an interesting novelty with which to enjoy a different design, inside and out. 

On the outside, because its beautiful design in white and compact type gives an extra elegance to the product.

And inside, because this model has an LED type screen with image enhancements such as the Pixel Plus HD system, which improves the quality until obtaining a Full HD screen resolution, in which it is easy to see everything clearer.

A complete model with remote control, a large number of options to connect what you need, and a sound also improved, 6 watts of output power.

 It is  Very suitable therefore to equip you with quality and without having to spend more.

If you are not sure which 24-inch TV to buy, we leave you some more information about this Philips model and its functions.

Philips 24



As with other models, this product can be used as both an LED TV and a computer monitor mode.

Image enhancement:

The Color Enhancer system gives extra quality to the images we see on the screen, with a final resolution Full HD.


In addition to being designed in a beautiful white color, the product has a compact and more elegant design than regular televisions.


Channel sorting:

The channel sorting process is not very intuitive, being necessary first to create a list of favorite channels for this purpose.


Some user says that the stability of the product is improved, being careful when placing it on the table.

Since LG is one of the leading manufacturers of LED TVs at the moment, one of its products could not be missing in this selection. 

The chosen one, in this case, is the LG 24MT48 24″ LED TV model.

 It is a 24-inch TV with HD Ready resolution that offers good image quality no matter what you’re watching. 

Something that helps the black stabilizer or a game mode that helps you better enjoy the images of your game console.

It also has a TDT T2 decoder, so that the next changes in that system are not a problem.

 And so that your eyes do not suffer, the product incorporates an anti-blink system that takes care of your eye health and reduces eyestrain.

 Functions that you can enjoy both in your TV model and in the computer monitor mode.

We analyze this model in depth, manufactured by what many users consider as the best current 24-inch television brand.

 LG 24MT48 24


Game mode:

Game mode adds extra quality when it comes to enjoying your favorite games.


The USB port allows you to play multimedia content, also having a system that plays directly without the need for menus.

Care of your eyes:

The TV incorporates anti-flicker function and other technologies that take better care of your visual health.



The TV plug is bulkier than would be desirable, so it takes up more space than expected.

Sound power:

As is happening with these models, the sound power is improved.

Sceptre E246BV-FC 24" LED HDTV

 With an energy efficiency of class A +, this TV with a 24-inch LED technology display is one of the most popular alternatives on the market. 

It is a computer that transmits images with a high definition resolution, with 1366 x 768 pixels, for more vivid colors and quality details.

The product has been equipped with Dolby Digital Plus sound quality, as well as other features that make it a SmartTV, including Ethernet LAN port and WiFi to install applications and options to control the TV from the mobile.

In addition, the model consists of two USB ports, an HDMI port, and another VGA, as well as a common interface port and headphone output. 

Each of these inputs allows greater connectivity and compatibility with other equipment. 

It is equipped with Android 7.1 operating system, has a RAM of 1 GB and 4 GB to manage storage. It includes command and manual, improving the user experience.

There are alternatives that have attributes that deserve to be analyzed, so you should know the positive and negative details of this product.

Sceptre E246BV-FC 24



It has a traditional design with a black frame and double base support for greater stability.


To improve its compatibility, it has several ports, including USB, HDMI, Ethernet, VGA, and headphones.


It is considered a Smart TV because it has internet access via WiFi and Ethernet.


Includes remote control that facilitates its use, as well as a complete instruction manual.



It has been concluded that the navigation system and interface are impractical and can interfere with its rapid use.

Final Talk On Best 24 Inch TV For Gaming

When it comes to gaming monitors, smaller panels in the form of specialist gaming monitors are the way to go if you want exceptionally low input lag and a much wider adoption of various refresh rates and VRR. These are made primarily for gaming, with a focus on responsiveness as well as picture quality. High-end gaming monitors often have input lag of 2 to 4 milliseconds (but we’ve lately seen several TVs in this range), and they can also incorporate PC-friendly features like variable refresh rates with Nvidia G-Sync.

Gaming monitors have the disadvantage of costing significantly more per square inch. Monitors are typically smaller than televisions and are designed to be utilized at a desk from a distance of only a foot or two. They have fewer inputs, aren’t always equipped with speakers, and rarely have a remote control. A gaming display is simply not practical if you want to game from your couch. Check out our list of the finest gaming monitors if you want to play at your desk.

Meanwhile, check out our overview of the greatest TVs, the best 65-inch TVs, and the best 75-inch (and higher) TVs for the best visual quality. If you want to save money, check out our list of the best cheap TVs, which includes some gaming-friendly models.

See our article on what TV model numbers and SKUs really represent for more shopping tips.

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