5 Best 24-Inch LED TVs- Reviews in 2021

The most significant advantage of LED TVs is that because of their size they fit almost anywhere, so if you want to have a television in your kitchen or bedroom, you will surely find a suitable model. But do not forget to look for a model that offers you high image quality and that you can see from any area of the room, as well as different additional options such as player or recorder, for example.

The Samsung LT24E310EW model of the most significant advantage of LED TVs is that because of their size, they fit almost anywhere, so if you want to have a television in your kitchen or bedroom, you will surely find a suitable model. You will find one of the most promoted options since it has the function of being a television and a monitor at the same time. Also, it is designed to provide a good viewing range and has two HDMI ports, optimizing playback possibilities. Another good option is the LG 24MT49VW-WZ model, which stands out for its response time of just five milliseconds, with two integrated speakers, whose power is 5 W, improving sound reproduction.

Which is the best 24 inch LED TV on the market?

A 24-inch LED TV not only allows you to enjoy all the content of the cable signal but also offers other functions, such as the possibility of playing movies through the connection with a DVD or Blu-ray. Also, it has a practical size, which allows it to be installed anywhere without significant difficulties. For this reason, we have created this guide to buy the best 24-inch LED TV, where you will find the most relevant information that you should take into account before purchasing one of these products.


TV is one of the most popular appliances worldwide, but we don’t always have enough space. In these cases, 24-inch LED TVs are recommended, since they are the right size to be installed anywhere. However, there are many models available, so we have created a selection with some of the best 24-inch LED TVs of 2020 to show you its most relevant features to help you make the best decision.

Rank #1: Samsung SE450 Series 24 inch LED TV

Samsung SE450 Series 24 inch LED TV is a very versatile product, as it can be used as a computer monitor or as a typical television screen. Also, it has proper outstanding image resolution, among other articles.

Main Features  

Display and resolution

Listed as one of the most recommended products today, Samsung SE450 Series 24 inch LED TV model has an excellent technology screen, which allows you to view high-resolution images with 1378 x 788 pixels, which gives them more superior quality.

In addition to this, Samsung develops a system of incorporating colors, which highlight different shades according to the image presented. Therefore, this product has a total of 16.78 million colors to display, increasing the quality of the screen. Also, it has a viewing angle of 178 degrees vertically and horizontally. You can enjoy the image quality from any perspective, without losing the intensity of the colors.

Connectivity and functions

One of the main features that distinguish an ordinary monitor from a high-tech one is the level of connectivity it reaches with the network. A good TV allows connection to various devices without much difficulty, as this model does. So it is one of the most prominent among the opinions of buyers.

It also has a particular function of PIP +, which performs different tasks simultaneously and encourages the viewing of videos with an increase of up to 25% more than the original size. Also, thanks to its sport mode, you can divide the screen up to 9 times and increase each angle for more magnificent viewing.

Support and additional tickets

Another of the main advantages of this digital article is that a complete assembly system kit that will facilitate its installation will be included with your purchase. The main base is attached to the monitor, but this is removable so that the equipment can be placed on the wall.

This support allows you to place the TV on any smooth surface of your room so that you will have better sound quality and a greater viewing angle from anywhere. Also, the Samsung SE450 Series 24 inch LED TV has two additional HDMI inputs that allow you to connect other digital devices such as DVD and Blu-ray, increasing the opportunity to play content from other devices.


  • This TV can broadcast the images in a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, this being a favorable quality level.


  • A negative aspect that buyers express about this product is that its base is not wide enough to hold the device on a table, so it must be used with a wall bracket.

Rank #2: LG 24LH4830-PU Smart LED TV

This equipment can be used as a computer monitor or taking advantage of its primary function as a TV, so it represents a vital display option on an LED screen with a better resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and sound reproduction.

To take advantage of this audio function, the manufacturer has equipped this device with two speakers, which have a power of 5 W each, providing an essential level of quality in the different audiovisual contents that you reproduce, eliminating the need to use An independent sound system.

Regarding the mounting options, the TV can be placed on the wall or on a table, for which it integrates the respective support. Also, we must mention the individual operating modes for games or movies, which are very useful to adjust the equipment according to the type of activity that is intended to be done with it.

Below, you can learn about the positive and negative details of this model that has been promoted by a good number of buyers.



It has an optimized sound system with the incorporation of two bulges with 5 W of power, avoiding the use of independent audio equipment.


It has several configuration modes, depending on whether the user wishes to watch a movie or play his favorite video games.


It includes the respective support to be placed on a table but also supports its mounting on the wall.

Dual function:

It can be used as a conventional TV or as a computer monitor, which in this case would be more optimized in terms of size and resolution.


Smart TV:

The fact of not belonging to the range of Smarts TV reduces a little the functionality that this equipment could offer, especially in terms of its Internet connectivity.

Rank #3: Philips 24" LED-LCD TV

Among the aspects that have led this Philips model to be one of the most promoted is its resolution level of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which allows the proper display of images. Likewise, the equipment has a compact design, which is easy to place on a table, incorporating the respective supports for it.

In the same way, it has a white structure that gives it a modern and minimalist touch, which can be observed not only in the TV frame but also in the remote control and even in the connection cables.

It can be linked with other equipment through its HDMI, USB, headphone output, antenna, etc. Its audio system is flattering because its speakers have an estimated power of 6W, which suggests a right output level.

For you to choose with the highest degree of success, it is recommended that you also consider the advantages and disadvantages of this model developed by the Philips brand.



With its 1920 x 1080 pixels, the team manages to offer good image quality for different video formats and television signals.


With its white structure, it manages to differentiate itself from other models. This tone has been incorporated into the frame of the TV, but also in the remote control and the connection cables


Audio playback on this device will not be a problem, because it is equipped with 6W power speakers, allowing you to enjoy the sound without inconvenience.


It is a TV with various links and pairing options with other equipment, thanks to the USB, HDMI, VGA, antenna, and headphone ports.



Among the users, it has been commented that the configuration of the equipment becomes a bit complicated.

Rank #4: VIZIO D-Series 24” Class Smart TV

It has Direct LED technology, which thanks to the diodes distributed throughout the screen, offers sharper images with brighter colors, enhancing contrast and providing a visual experience closer to reality, all this for an affordable price, so Many consider it to be the best 24-inch LED TV of value for the moment.

It offers a Full HD resolution, with measures of 1920 x 1080 pixels, more than enough to enjoy your favorite movies with excellent quality. Besides, it brings an HDMI input and two USB ports, as well as a VGA, to connect it to other devices and enjoy countless audiovisual content.

It includes tuner DVB-T2 and DVB-C2, for terrestrial and cable transmission, thus efficiently fulfilling the primary function of television. However, it also offers Smart TV, thanks to its Android 7.1 operating system that facilitates its use. It works with Arm Corex A53x4 CPU at a speed of 1.1 GHz and includes Mali 470MPx2 GPU for proper image processing.

If you have not yet decided on any model, you may be interested in this TV, as it offers quality and is one of the cheapest compared to similar equipment. However, it is essential to review your pros and cons in detail before making the purchase:



Despite being a small TV, this model has Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, to enjoy movies and series with high image quality.


It fully fulfills its primary function of tuning terrestrial and cable signals, to watch your favorite programs without interruptions.


It is one of the few televisions of this size that includes Smart TV and works through the Android 7.1 operating system. In this way, children and adults of any age can use it.



In the opinion of a user, the assembly of the TV can be complicated, especially if you do not have enough experience.


A user considers the sound power to be meager; however, it offers Dolby Digital Plus technology for higher quality.

Rank #4: Sansui 24-Inch 720p HD LED Smart TV

It is a 24-inch TV with LED backlight, which allows access to quality images from terrestrial or cable transmission so that you can view content from different sources without any inconvenience. It also includes HD Ready resolution, according to the screen measurements.

It offers a viewing angle of 176 °, which means that you do not lose the image quality if you are sitting or standing, so you can move around the room and do other activities while enjoying your favorite program. As for the sound, it has two speakers of 5 W each and supports Dolby Digital Plus.

It has multiple connectivity possibilities, since it includes HDMI input, for high-quality data transmission without compressing files. Also, it brings a USB port to play images or audios from an external hard drive, as well as connect other devices.

If you want to buy the best 24-inch LED TV for 120 dollars, this model could be a good option, since it has characteristics that surpass other similar models. For this reason, we invite you to review in more detail your pros and cons:



It has a display with LED-backlit technology, which allows you to see more information since it increases the brightness considerably compared to the old LCD.


It has HDMI and USB inputs, which allows you to connect it to other devices and access the files through a simple installation.


It incorporates two speakers of 5 W each, for a total power of 10 W so that you can hear the soundtrack of a movie correctly. Also, it is designed to support Dolby Digital Plus and achieve surround sound.



It is recommended to be used as an auxiliary television, for example, in the kitchen, but not for a large living room, due to its size and power.


It does not include the batteries required for the remote control. However, they can be purchased separately in various commercial premises.

How to use a 24-inch LED TV

At home or in the office, an LED TV can be handy for enjoying a movie or transmitting crucial visual information. Still, some aspects of its use may not be very intuitive, so in this guide, we will try to offer you more information about it so that you can use yours.

Make the necessary assemblies

When you open the package, you will find some pieces that you must mount on the TV, as is the case of the base if you are going to place it on a countertop or the power adapter. Be careful when assembling parts so as not to exceed the clamping force, especially on the screws.

Place the TV in the right place

You probably already had previously analyzed the place where you are going to place the TV. In case you need an extension to reach the nearest plug, make sure it is one that has the appropriate standards and especially a ground connection.

Set the TV depending on the image

Because different types of image formats have been created, such as the widescreen, it is sometimes necessary to change the TV settings, so that the movie or image is observed in full range. Some televisions offer more than two options in this section, choose the most appropriate choice as appropriate.

Make picture and sound adjustments

Most televisions include different modalities of image and sound so that you enjoy better what you are projecting, that is, it is not the same to watch a football match than a concert. Probably the color settings change to provide further momentum enhancement and sound perception as well. In this way, it can be very convenient for you to make these adjustments on the TV when necessary. This can be found in the options of the configuration menu of your TV. We recommend that you take a few minutes to get to know them.

Establish connection with other devices

In case you need to transmit on your TV an image, which is generated initially on a computer or another device, you can make use of the inputs that the TV provides for this purpose and that are generally HDMI. Using them is very simple since the TV detects that information is being sent to you, it will automatically notify you if you want to display it on the screen.

To connect removable drives

In case you need to display multimedia files contained in removable drives such as USB, plug the journey into the slot specified for this purpose. In some cases, you will see an option to explore the contents of the memory; in fact, it is not so then look for it in the configuration. Among the files you have in it, choose the one you need to be displayed.

Regarding the compatibility of these units, you must take into account the version of the USB port and the content, as it may happen that some groups have their controllers and cannot be recognized by all televisions.

The most popular brands

LED TVs provide a high definition image, are ideal for watching movies and playing video games and represent the best option available to save energy as they require between 30 and 40% less electricity. There are televisions of different inches. We will talk about the Samsung, LG, and Sony brands since they offer 24-inch LED TVs. This small summary starts with the comments published by Internet shoppers.

The South Korean company Samsung was founded in 1969 under the command of Lee Byung-Chul. Currently, it has positioned itself as one of the most fruitful companies in the market of electronic products for mass consumption with a reach in more than 58 countries, and it has a workforce of 480,000 employees who record a net income of more than $ 100 million per year.

The company covers the markets for electronic products, especially for digital media, with smart mobile phones and plasma and LED TVs being the most demanded products. The company produces a large number of products such as cameras, audio, and video players, tablets, bugles and audio theaters, appliances, and accessories of all kinds.

Samsung is a pioneer in the manufacture of LED TVs, and these televisions have a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, have DVI, HDMI, and VGA input ports. The 24-inch televisions have a thickness of approximately 6 cm and have an annual consumption of 30 kWh. These offer the highest resolution thanks to the 16 million colors observable on the screen.

Located in South Korea, it has been operating in the electronics and petrochemical industry since 1947. It uses advanced technologies for the development of electronic products such as appliances, cell phones, and LED flat-screen TVs. The company has four production lines: mobile communication, devices, home entertainment, and electronic components for cars.

The company is famous for having the best products for the home, from refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, dryers, and flat-screen televisions. The LG TVs have a WebOS 3.0 technology to enjoy different entertainment, and families can enjoy moments longer.

The televisions respond to an 8-millisecond signal and have an on / off button included as well as an original remote control, and a table stand. The TVS has a child lock and a vertical viewing angle of 178 degrees, you can also surf the Internet thanks to its SmartTV technology. The HDR Pro screens of 24-inch televisions enhance the colors and details of the images to give a depth effect and thus arouse more exceptional sensations to the viewer.

This company of Japanese origin established in the city of Tokyo is one of the most renowned and most prestigious companies in the world market of electronic services, and its products vary between the range of products for audio and video, computer and software articles, games and consoles for televisions, cameras, cell phones and LED televisions.

The company started with the production of data storage technologies, and it is currently a pioneer in the market of DVD and Blu-ray players. This company is quite famous for venturing and promoting professional audio systems for homes and cars, as well as venturing into the world of cinematography in the production of audiovisual effects.

The 42-inch LED TVs weigh approximately 8K and measure 92 cm wide by 54 cm high with a depth of 6.5 cm. They have an electronic programming guide for quick and easy setup, and they have WiFi connectivity for you to surf the Internet and search for movies available on the web or watch videos in high definition through the YouTube page.

The televisions can be installed on the wall or placed on a flat surface thanks to their table stand and can be configured with a standard sound, cinema, sports, and music. You can also synchronize, through Miracast, with smartphones to view content or search the browser for the videos and music you prefer.

Shopping guide


When we are making a comparison of 24-inch LED TVs, it is always good to take the filter into account. In this sense, some models incorporate particular technologies depending on each manufacturer, suitable to intensify the quality of the colors, as well as the contrast, to offer a more realistic image.

Now, if you want to install a TV in your kitchen to enjoy your favorite programs while moving, then it may be convenient for you to have a wide viewing angle. Specific models offer around 180 degrees so that the image does not lose sharpness even if you are watching the screen from different angles.

It is good to know that some televisions offer preset configurations such as movie and game modes, to improve the image when watching a movie or playing a video game. In this case, the brightness and depth of the dark colors are increased, to regularly visualize the night scenes. If you are fond of sports, then you should check if the device allows you to divide the screen into several parts.

On the other hand, the resolution is important because it depends on the clarity and sharpness of the image, so a minimum of 720 pixels is recommended, which are sufficient for a screen of these dimensions. However, there are models that offer Full HD, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, for a higher quality image.


If you are looking for an economical product, but that performs its functions correctly, then apart from reviewing how much it costs, it is advisable to define the type of technology you use, since this can significantly affect the price of the TV. They exist from the simplest to the most complex, and your choice will depend mainly on the needs.

As for the tuner, most models use DVB-T or DVB-T2 technology; that is, international standards for first or second generation terrestrial video transmission. Also, they include DVB-C, which means that they are prepared to reproduce the cable signal. This is of great importance because it is the primary function of any television.

Although these are small televisions, some models include Smart TV features, such as internet access and some modern applications. In these cases, they may have an Android operating system, as well as a central processing unit and several individual components. Other models include EasyLink, a technology that allows you to link several devices and control them through a single remote control.


This feature refers to the possibility of sharing information with different devices, so it can be essential, depending on the use you want to give to the TV.

The first thing we should consider in this case is if the TV also allows the monitor function, to connect it to the computer. This is very useful since it is a 24-inch screen. Besides, this means that we are acquiring practically two products for the price of one.

It is necessary to review the types of ports that it brings since this gives us an idea of the devices that we can connect. Usually, these TVs include USB ports to play content from a hard drive or removable memory. Besides, they have HDMI input to connect the latest generation devices without having to compress the files, so the quality of the original file is maintained.

Most televisions include a remote control so you can make all kinds of settings without having to get up from the seat. The most advanced can have LAN input, to offer access to a local network, as well as integrated WiFi, for a wireless connection, which provides greater practicality.

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