5 Best Selfie Sticks Test Of 2022

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How to install fiber optic cables

Fiber optic cables will be the future method of connecting to the Internet and providing other beneficial connections for items such as televisions or telephones.  You can only install fiber optic cables in your home if it is available in your area. To determine this, you will need to contact your local telephone company.  Where fiber … Read more

Ethernet cable versus telephone cable

Two options for creating a home network are an ethernet cable and your home phone lines.  The right choice for your home depends on how you plan to use the network, the sizes and types of files to be transmitted, your budget, and the need to share your Internet connection. Telephone cable network The telephone … Read more

Working with shielded cable: what to do and what not to do

Shielded cable is an electrical wiring solution where the ground, neutral and positive wires are encased in a flexible metal jacket.  It is much more durable and resistant to damage than non-metallic or Romex wire and is approved for many more types of construction applications.  Although shielded cable is stronger than NM cable, it is … Read more

4 differences between UF and Romex Cable

If you are looking for shielded cable options for your electrical wiring, have a choice between NM cable and UF cable for your project.  Although there are some similarities in the two types of electrical wiring, there are also some specific differences.  So this article describes some of those differences and why you should know … Read more

7 tips for getting into a coaxial cable outside

There are many factors involved in burying coaxial cable. There are technical considerations, as well as code and security issues.  Education is critical to avoid costly mistakes and to prevent you from experiencing signal loss. 1. Not all coaxial cables are directly buried Someone bury directly some coaxial cables in the ground, and other cables are … Read more