2021 – A New Era Of Streaming?

Interest in video on demand has been thriving for years. And with good reason:

You could never put together your television program as easily as you do today.

Streaming services save you hours of searching for the right evening program in the TV newspaper , which ends with a compromise rather than a satisfactory result.

You also no longer see yourself exposed to prime time pressure.

Since Netflix founded one of the most successful streaming services , many providers want to follow suit.

Every year, more applicants enter the market and attract customers with an infinite selection of series and films or minimal prices.

Large companies such as Disney and Apple are launching their own streaming platform in 2019–what can you expect from this compared to Netflix and Co.?


The streaming giants

Netflix, Amazon Prime and max cathedrals stand for year’s unchallenged number one of the streaming provider .

The companies lure with a vast selection of series and films. In addition, some providers hold exclusive rights to some formats or even produce their own series .

The American provider Netflix is the leader in the production of its own formats.

Series such as Dark , Riverdale and You as well as the recently released film Bird Box are popular and have already won several prizes.


How do the providers differ?

Netflix is probably the most popular provider. Customers are offered an exclusive range of series and Netflix Originals at a monthly subscription price of $7.99 .

The price varies depending on how many people share the cost of a subscription. The videos are available in UHD quality and can be enjoyed by multiple devices , such as laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Netflix proves to be pleasant when traveling : they can download series and films in advance and in offline modebe viewed if, for example, no internet is available on flights or long bus trips.

The other range of series and films apart from the Netflix Originals is rather weak and offers little current selection.


New providers in the streaming market

Besides the already established three providers, Netflix, Maxdome and Amazon Prime Video.

There are also new streaming providers who want to exploit the potential of this market. These new players are Facebook, Disney and Apple .

Facebook provides its users with Facebook Watch already since August 2017 a mix of streaming offering and television on.

Sports clips, vlogs, cooking and comedy shows, and documentaries, are included. Other exclusive content includes, for example, National Geographic Channel, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball or NASA.

Even Disney has a new streaming service that Disney + is. It will initially be launched in the United States on November 12, 2019.

The start of Europe was at the beginning of 2020fixed.

Existing streaming providers such as Netflix will have to dress warmly: Disney is not only planning to revoke the rights to use Disney films they have already gained and to publish them only on Disney + .

But Disney also offers competition in terms of price. With mo natlichen cost of 6.99 US Dollern , or an annual subscription of 69.99 US Dollern the offer is cheaper than the streaming giant.

Time will tell whether this is a long-term offer or just a strategy to win new customers.

The Marvel and StarWars filmsshould also become part of the offer. In addition, Disney is said to want to buy 20th Century Fox. This would give them the exclusive rights to many films.

Even Apple wants to get involved and also is in price negotiations with content providers.

However, they plan to launch their streaming provider on the American market in spring 2019 with many family-friendly series and films .

I also suspected that the offer for Apple users is probably free .

Facebook watch

Diverse and free offer

Mix of streaming service and television

Disney +

Availability of all Disney films

great potential if 20th Century Fox becomes part of the streaming service


free for Apple users

Family friendly content

What is certain is that there are many new providers on the streaming market who all want to get a piece of the cake.

And the fight for the best pieces of cake, the most popular films and series, has already begun.

We can only hope that this does not develop to the disadvantage of us users and that in the future we will have to be registered on many streaming services in order to watch our favorite films.

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