5 Best Selfie Sticks Test Of 2022

Nowadays you see them more and more in the streets and everyone has one. If you don’t have a selfie stick yet and would like to buy one, you can always go through our buying guide. There you can find useful tips and elements that you can take into account. You can also simply consult our top 3. This shows that with the GoPro XL Universal you get a more than decent product. It is a handy total package that you can use in combination with many different devices. You could of course also opt for the Benro Smart BK10 selfie stick. This product is very sturdy and has a maximum load capacity of more than 3 kg.

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Quality GoPro Selfie Stick XL – 95cm – Waterproof – Free Turn Key & Anti Moisture Wipes

In addition, the delivery of this selfie stick also includes a handy rotary key, as well as some particularly practical anti-moisture wipes. Furthermore, the stick is easy and comfortable to work with.

However, it is important to take into account the different reviews. For example, one comment shows that the selfie stick is not so handy to fit any type of smartphone. And that is quite annoying and of course also a stumbling block.

If you’re leaving for a tropical island soon, you can take this selfie stick with you without any problems. The product is completely waterproof and therefore also suitable for taking beautiful underwater photos. Truly a top product.

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Benro Smart Selfie stick and tripod BK10

Whether you have a GoPro or a smartphone, or perhaps both, then this selfie stick is a good recommendation. Moreover, the product is made of sturdy materials that can certainly take a beating.

This selfie stick comes in combination with a practical remote control that works on a set of reliable batteries. However, according to one user, the batteries are not as durable as claimed.

However, it is not for nothing that the selfie stick belongs to the top 3. It is a solid product with a handy and simple operation. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the working height of the selfie stick to your own wishes, ranging from 18 to 85 cm.

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Ntech – Selfie Stick Wireless With Bluetooth for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6S / 6 Plus / 6S Plus / SE / 5S / 5C / – Black

Compared to the previous devices, the KJStar selfie stick is a fairly compact device. This makes it more convenient to take it with you on a trip. Thanks to the Bluetooth application it is possible to exchange files.

According to one user, the price-quality ratio is not quite what it should be. The selfie stick turns out not to be waterproof and therefore the user finds the price tag of this model just a tad too high.

Yet it is not for nothing that this selfie stick is in the top 3 of best selfie sticks. It is a more compact model that you can easily and quickly store and take with you very easily. Bluetooth makes a connection with other devices completely possible.

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Selfie sticks buying guide

Nowadays you see them at every concert or sometimes just during a nice city walk. The selfie stick has become an indispensable part of everyday life. Would you also like to take a nice photo of yourself or with friends, then definitely take into account the type, the possibilities and the price.

Nowadays there are different types and sizes that it is not so easy to make a choice from the different offers. We distinguish the wireless selfie stick and the wired model. If you buy a wired selfie stick, you always need a cable as soon as you want to take pictures. By connecting the cable of the stick to the audio port of your smartphone, you can take the best selfies.
The big advantage of this type of selfie stick is that you can start taking pictures right away. You can take these photos using the button on the handle of the stick.
You then also have the option to purchase a wireless selfie stick. These models are therefore based on a Bluetooth connection and thus function wirelessly. With this type of selfie stick you can make an extra distinction between a stick with a separate print button or a stick with the print button built into the device.
The wireless selfie sticks therefore work on the basis of a bluetooth system in order to make a connection with your smartphone. It is very important that you know that not every smartphone is suitable for every wireless selfie stick. This often has to do with a different operating system on the smartphone. So keep in mind that a wireless selfie stick is not always easier than a wired stick and therefore may not be among the best selfie sticks.

In addition to the different types of selfie sticks that exist, there are now also numerous options. There are selfie sticks that are water resistant. That way you don’t have to worry when you take a picture while snorkeling or just having fun with friends in the park by a fountain.
The size of a selfie stick is also not unimportant. The maximum distance of the selfie stick will vary depending on the device. Most devices have about 1 m, which corresponds to an arm’s length. A number of devices can even go up to 1.10 m when you unfold them to the extreme. Many selfie sticks are also collapsible, so that the device requires little space and is therefore much easier to store.
When you are looking for a selfie stick, it is best to also look at the battery. Many recent devices have a built-in battery that you can easily charge with a USB charging cable. The remote controller that ensures that blurred photos are avoided is also an extra option.
There are selfie sticks that are not suitable for certain mobile phones. However, there are already many universal models that can work with all IOS and Android phones. You also have devices that come with a clip. You then have to place this clip at the end of the selfie stick and that way you can work with all types of phones.

If you want to take those perfect selfie photos yourself, a selfie stick turns out to be ideal. That way you can also show part of the environment in a photo. So if you would also like to buy a selfie stick, you will notice that there is also a price difference depending on the device.
In general, we see that the bluetooth devices are slightly more expensive and are therefore not part of the cheap selfie sticks. However, it appears that the bluetooth devices have a slightly better quality and last a little longer. This makes them much more durable.
The design of the selfie stick will also play an important role in the price tag. You have people who also attach great importance to the appearance of the stick and are therefore willing to pay a little more. In addition, the price also depends on the amount you want and can spend on the selfie stick.
It is a good recommendation, for example, to read the various reviews from buyers who already own the product. And that way you can possibly come across a nice selfie stick offer.
Be sure to take into account any promotions when you compare the different offers.

5 Best Selfie Sticks (Reviews) of 2022

A beautiful selfie has been the hype around the world for some time now, but that can be made difficult from time to time. You need a selfie stick for that. Selfie sticks are available in different sizes and with many options. Enjoy to the fullest and go for the best selfie stick from the options below.

  1. Unbranded Quality GoPro Selfie Stick XL You see them appearing more and more in the streets, the “selfie stick”. However, it is not always easy to make a good choice because of the wide range. With this product you already have a unique selfie stick that is 95 cm long. It is therefore one of the larger selfie sticks that you can extend easily and without any problems.
    The selfie stick is also completely water resistant. That way you can also take nice underwater pictures if you wish. The handle of the selfie stick is finished with a special coating that provides a little more grip. Furthermore, the stick is supplied in combination with durable anti-moisture cloths and a handy rotary key.
    A look at the various online reviews tells us that the majority of customers are completely convinced of the benefits and quality of this selfie stick. However, only one buyer is of the opinion that the selfie stick does not fit in combination with any smartphone.
    Have you been looking for a durable selfie stick for quite some time? And don’t you want to spend that much money on a decent one? Then it is worth taking a close look at this selfie stick. Below is an overview.
    do you like to go swimming or diving? Then this selfie stick is the ideal product for this because it is completely water resistant.
    you can extend the selfie stick easily and without many problems. Furthermore, the handle offers sufficient grip thanks to the special coating.
    To belong:
    Delivery includes not only a durable selfie stick, but also a practical rotary wrench and even durable anti-moisture wipes.
    No smart phone:
    according to a single buyer, this selfie stick does not seem to work so well in combination with a smartphone.
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  2. Benro Smart Selfie stick and tripod BK10 By choosing the Benro selfie stick, according to many customers, you are choosing a solid and reliable product. This selfie stick is accompanied by a mini tripod that you can load with a maximum of 3 kg.
    The selfie stick is easy to operate and can be used to attach your GoPro device or your smartphone. You can also slightly adjust the height of the selfie stick. The minimum height is about 18 cm and the maximum height is no less than 85 cm. The selfie stick is made of particularly strong aluminum and can therefore take a beating.
    When the product is delivered, you will immediately receive a bluetooth remote control. This makes it possible to operate the selfie stick from a distance of up to 10 meters. Customers react very positively when it comes to the quality and the price of the product. However, a small minority thinks it is a shame that the battery of the remote control runs out quite quickly.
    We understand that it is not always easy to find a unique selfie stick. Still, it might be worth taking a look at this Benro product. The selfie stick can be easily adjusted in height and offers many other options.
    This unique selfie stick is made of durable and lightweight aluminum and can withstand quite a bit.
    Working height:
    you can easily and without problems adjust the working height of this selfie stick from a minimum of 18 cm to a maximum of 85 cm.
    Bluetooth remote control:
    the bluetooth remote control makes it possible to operate this selfie stick from a distance.
    the remote control works on the basis of a battery that, according to a single buyer, runs out fairly quickly.
    Buy at bol.com (€34.95)
  3. KJStar Selfie Stick Wireless With Bluetooth This universal selfie stick provides the best performance, because first of all it is universal which means that you can use it with all smartphones such as the Samsung. You can also use this selfie stick with the iPhone 6 and SE.
    Furthermore, you can also create unforgettable videos with this product. It is lightweight and compact, so you can easily take it anywhere on a road trip, a festival or when you want to easily capture your experiences while on vacation using this selfie stick.
    The users of this product all give different advice for this selfie stick, because in part this product is fragile and not resistant to the harmful effects of water. And for the other part, this selfie stick is of good quality and it is easy to use. It is otherwise a bargain and it is an eye-catcher.
    This KJStar selfie stick may not immediately have the lowest price, but you will certainly be able to find it among the cheap models. The stick is equipped with bluetooth, so you can connect to your smartphone, for example. Let’s take a look at the strengths of this device.
    This selfie stick is equipped with bluetooth, so you can connect to your smartphone or other devices.
    this is a rather compact selfie stick that also weighs relatively little. This makes it quite convenient to take the device with you wherever you go.
    a number of buyers think that the selfie stick is quite vulnerable. This model turns out not to be water resistant at all.
    Cost picture:
    a single user also finds the selfie stick far too expensive in relation to the qualities on offer.
    Buy at bol.com (€12.49)
  4. Lenv 3 in 1 Tripod Selfie Stick for Smartphone with Bluetooth Finally, there is also the option to opt for this unique selfie stick, supplied by the Lenv brand. It is a handy 3 in 1 Tripod selfie stick that you can use with any type of smartphone without any problems. You will also notice that you can operate the selfie stick from a distance by using the rechargeable bluetooth remote control.
    Unlike other copies, you will notice that this selfie stick is particularly compact. This makes it easier to take the selfie stick everywhere you go or to store it safely somewhere after use.
    Buyers who have reviewed this product say they are very satisfied with the quality and user-friendliness of this selfie stick. However, there is one single customer who believes that the product does not meet expectations. For example, the selfie stick appears to have a fairly short standby time, it is also very difficult to operate and the bluetooth function does not always work.
    By choosing the selfie stick from Lenv, you choose durability and quality according to various buyers. Moreover, it is not immediately the most expensive selfie stick, which also seems to be appreciated by a lot of buyers. Below is a selection of the most important characteristic features.
    Bluetooth remote control:
    With delivery you immediately receive a bluetooth remote control with which you can operate the selfie stick from a distance. The remote control is also rechargeable.
    it is a fairly compact selfie stick that is easy to move when you travel, for example, and is easy to store.
    Not user-friendly:
    according to one customer, the device would not be so easy to operate at all, which is a shame.
    Short standby time:
    the time that the device is on standby could have been a little longer.
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  5. FitsEasy The Selfie Stick It is often difficult to take selfies with a group, because that means that the device has to be further away from the group.
    Thanks to the Fitseasy selfie stick, it is possible to take fun selfies with all smartphones. When you retract the tripod it reaches 22 centimeters so you can easily tuck it away and take it with you, but extended it reaches 1 meter. With the purchase you will receive a clip to place at the end for all types of telephones. And a cord to hold the stick.
    Everything has a balance and there is no arguing about taste with the users of this product, because some of them are completely satisfied with it and others have negative comments about this product. Some negative comments are that you cannot put your mobile vertically and that the rubber comes loose quickly. By the way, this product is perfect.
    Are you looking for a decent selfie stick, but don’t want to spend too much money, then this model from FitsEasy might be something for you. Compared to the 4 other products we have selected, this selfie stick does have the lowest price. That is precisely why it could well become one of the most popular models.
    Advantageous rate:
    if you are on a budget, then this selfie stick is really ideal for you. You will definitely be able to spot these among the cheap selfie sticks.
    it is possible to extend the selfie stick up to 1 meter. When retracted, the selfie stick has a length of approximately 22 cm.
    Easy to use:
    this model is really ideal for any type of smartphone and has a universal mounting clip.
    Moderate quality:
    some people find the selfie stick particularly vulnerable and therefore qualitatively not what it should be.
    Buy at bol.com (€8.99)

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