4 tips for connecting speaker cables to RCA jacks

RCA plugs are widely used hardware and can be seen in audio and video applications, such as connecting stereos, televisions and mobile mp3 players. 

It is a standard form of connection that provides pleasant sound and visual quality when transmitting signals to an amplifier. 

By converting your speaker cables to RCA plugs, you can create your own high-quality RCA cables at very little cost. 

Here are the things you need and some tips on how to get this project done.

1. Purpose

Before embarking on this project, you must first determine the reason for doing it. Looking for better audio quality? 

Have a computer that only takes RCA connectors and no speaker cables? Or do you just want to create a new set of cables for future use?

 Make sure the team that takes these cables can handle them. Otherwise, you could cut a bunch of cables for nothing.

2. security

Getting started on a project like this requires some safety standards. 

Although it is a fairly simple process, there is still the possibility that you will hurt yourself. Always be careful in all the steps you take. 

Make sure they unplugged the components of your audio or video system from their sockets to avoid possible electrical shock.

If possible, also wear protective gloves and goggles because you will work with a welder which can be very damaging to your skin if not taken seriously.

3. Cut the speaker cables

You must be very careful when cutting the correct length of the wire. Get the length of the speaker cables you need and cut them to this length. 

When cutting the length of the speaker cables, it should be the same length as the RCA cables you will be using. 

And when using wire strippers, removing the insulation at both ends of the wire, be sure to do it carefully and not accidentally cut the wire. 

By leaving a half inch of cable exposed on both sides, make sure both speaker cables are also the same length, otherwise your cable conversion could suffer quality and integrity. 

You can also twist the exposed part to bind the threads so they won’t brush freely, which could damage them.

4. Learning the process

It is important to learn the proper procedure. When connecting the speaker cables to the RCA connectors, remove the cover from one of its RCA connectors and insert the speaker cable inside. 

Connect the positive cable to the socket that comes from the back. Do this by soldering together. As for the negative cable, connect it to the tab and solder it there as well. 

Let the soldered portions cool first. After a couple of minutes, slide the cover back into place and screw it back on. 

Repeat these steps for the others so you can have a complete set of RCA output speakers.

Once your RCA connector project is complete, you can now enjoy high-quality music through RCA cables. 

Now you can connect directly to televisions, amplifiers, and even mp3 players. We can also use your speakers with larger equipment and be part of a larger system. 

The good thing about this conversion that uses RCA plugs is that it is of high quality and much better than in its previous state.

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