3 Common Coaxial Divider Problems Explained

There are many things that can go wrong when using a coaxial or coaxial splitter, causing you to lose picture quality, sound definition, or even signal altogether. 

Many people don’t understand the science behind coaxial dividers and are puzzled when problems keep manifesting repeatedly. 

The following article explains what a coaxial divider is and what it does, as well as how to solve common coaxial divider problems when they occur.

What exactly is a coaxial splitter?

Coaxial cable lines provide a single signal to feed a single audiovisual device. This can be a problem in most homes where there is over one device that needs a signal. 

Coaxial splitters are small connector devices that have been connected with input lines to provide a connection to your existing cable and multiple output lines that take advantage of your cable signal and splitting into multiple lines to connect to multiple devices. 

The number of output lines can be customized according to your preferences, depending on what the divider is used.

1. Too much division

Most people do not realize that the cable signal running through their home is not an unlimited source and therefore cannot be split over too many distinct lines, as each split weakens the signal and increases the chances of connection failure.

 If you have over three televisions connected to a cable line and you notice that the signal has been significantly reduced and / or the sound / picture quality available for each television has been compromised, you may have overstated the signal.

 This problem can be solved by purchasing an amplified coaxial splitter that improves the cable signal and allows you to distribute more outputs without risk of failure.

2. Connecting Cable TV to Cable Internet Modem

 To save cash, many households choose to split their coaxial cable line to provide TV and Internet services. 

Although this is a sound idea, the problem with this method is that wired internet requires a powerful signal to function properly, and because the signal is splitting, there may not be enough power to maintain a good connection.

Which causes poor signal quality or even loss of service. The solution to this problem is to choose a high performance one GHz splitter designed to pass an enormous amount of data.

 This will allow you to maximize the efficiency of your signal and will be enough to reduce any cable / internet connection problems.

3. Incorrect cable / splitter choice

When choosing a divider for your home entertainment needs, select the number of output lines you will need for your divider. 

The splitters are specifically to distribute the signal evenly between each of your connection ports, specifically from the lines that you are actually using.

 Choose only the number of output lines you will actually use to avoid unnecessarily weakening your cable signal. 

Also, when choosing splitter cables, choose a cable that is long enough to reach each electronic device comfortably, but keep in mind that the longer the cable line, the more the signal will travel and the weaker it will become.

You have a large house or need to extend your signal to longer distances.

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